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CSS Terrain

This chrome extension provides a topographical visualization of web elements, revealing style properties like margins, paddings and gaps, offering a unique approach to comprehend the web page layout and assist in debugging design issues.


Visual Hierarchy

Visualize the hierarchical structure of the page through raised blocks representing elements, allowing for a quick understanding of the organization.

Clear Spacing

Visually see the margins and paddings of each element, making it easier to detect spacing and layout issues.

Enhanced Layout

Adjust margins and paddings based on the visual representation to achieve a balanced and optimized design.

Simplified Debugging

Quickly locate style conflicts, overlaps, and improper spacing to streamline issue correction.

Responsive Testing

Test the adaptability of elements to different screen sizes, assisting the creation of responsive designs.

Educational Resource

In addition to development, the extension serves as an educational resource for understanding web design and CSS concepts.

Available in the Chrome Web Store