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The “Quotidian Quotables” extension is designed to keep you inspired.
It's a simple way to infuse your everyday life with meaningful thoughts and impactful ideas, giving you a daily dose of wisdom.

Whether you need a quick boost of motivation or a moment of contemplation during your busy day, this extension has you covered.

Inspiring Quotes

Access a vast collection of quotes from notable individuals, covering a variety of topics, from motivation to introspective wisdom.

Diversity of Perspectives

Explore quotes from a wide range of personalities, including artists, historical leaders, scientists, and more, offering a diversity of perspectives to enrich your experience.

Daily Inspiration

Receive daily quotes to start the day with an inspiring thought or to reflect at the end of the day, cultivating a positive mindset.

Educational Resource

In addition to offering inspiration, the extension can also be used as an educational tool to learn about the lives and teachings of various personalities throughout history.

Top Picks

Mark the quotes that resonate with you the most as favorites, thus creating a personal collection of insights and wisdom that you can access anytime, all in one place.

Easy Sharingin progress

Easily share your favorite quotes with friends and colleagues through social networks, messages, or other communication channels.

Thanks to

Luke Peavey for building Quotable API

Available in the Chrome Web Store